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Antonia Katrandjieva – dance theatre scholar, choreographer

Antonia Katrandjieva

Antonia Katrandjieva – dance theatre scholar, choreographer

Antonia is a dance theatre scholar and choreographer who explores the moving body as a sacred site where identity, reality and ecology commune. For more than 20 years she has written, staged, directed and mounted poignant original work that challenges and enlightens, raising human awareness and inviting others to honor the intelligence of their hearts. She has researched sacred dance and theater traditions across Asia, Europe, Africa and America and imbued her inter-disciplinary work with a cross-cultural flavor. Antonia’s iconoclastic vision has seeped into a authentic contemporary dance approach Cohera Move that she coined in an attempt to explore movement as sustainable state of “inter-being” and organic orchestration. She is the author of several cutting edge manuals for cultivating contemporary performance artists and offers her eco-somatic approach Ecorporeality as a way to distill the body’s ecology in the multiple realities of the self. Antonia is the founder and Artistic Director of Overground Arts Alliance –an art and culture promoting not-for profit organization based in New York that offers holistic approaches to tap creative potential as a portal to the spiritual. Her innovative, signature yoga style – Yogea Artflow is her offering to the planet and nurturing creative spirituality in others and guiding them to embody their divine purpose. Antonia is correspondent of “Theatre Magazine”. She holds a Ph.D. and a D. Sc. from the National Academy of Theatre & Film Arts in Sofia and is a graduate of the Zurich Tanz Theater Schule in Switzerland.

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