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May 20th, 2010 – “Facebook: Password Love” – Solo Exhibition of Georgi Petrov at the Bulgarian Consulate in NY


May 20th, 2010 – “Facebook: Password Love” – Solo Exhibition of Georgi Petrov at the Bulgarian Consulate in NY

Opening Reception: Thursday – May 20th, 2010 – @ 6:30-8:30pm

Exhibition duration: May 20 – June 18, 2010
Curator: Melissa Torro

Alfa Art Gallery, in collaboration with the Bulgarian Consulate
presents “Facebook: Password Love”, a Georgi Petrov solo exhibition at
the Bulgarian Consulate building in New York City.

About the artist by Melissa Torro

Georgi Petrov was born in Dobrich, Bulgaria and currently lives and
works in Sofia. He graduated from the Technical University of Forests,
and he earned MA in Art Management from the Academy of Music, Dance
and Visual Arts in the town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He owns an art
gallery in the town of Dobrich.
With the help of internet technology, Georgi Petrov has had the chance
to share his artistic vision online with friends and fans around the
world “winning their admirations in a virtual space”.  His notoriety
has now brought him to New Brunswick where viewers may experience his
paintings face to face.  The “universal code of Love” is the driving
force behind this body of work, appealing to every audience class.  He
explores the emotion through painterly gestures and vibrant colors,
using both abstract and representational methods as a vehicle.  His
abstract pieces often utilize a limited palette of warm tones and
fast, energetic brushstrokes that lend themselves to an overall sense
of passion.  His realist pieces, drawing inspiration from images of
his hometown in Bulgaria, communicate a true sense of peace and
belonging reflecting images from nature.

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