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X-Stream – the dance and theater show at Danspace Project (June 20-22)

Antonia Katrandjieva

X-Stream – the dance and theater show – is just two weeks away from their big performance at Danspace Project (June 20-22). Have you marked your calendar already? If not please do so. Recently I had an extremely interesting conversation with Antonia Katrandjieva – the creator of that spectacular show; its writer, director and choreographer. And I am excited to give you special details, just for you, from the fascinating story of how the show was created, about the multi-international dance group and what to expect from Antonia in the future. 

Radi Georgiev: Antonia, what do you want to tell us with X-Stream? Why did you choose this interesting name?

X-Stream, as a name, had come to me years ago, but I had no concept for a show at that time. I was ‘carrying’ the name with me through the years, but the idea crystallized only now. On 12/21/12 – on the so called “Doomed Day” – I finished writing the story. I do remember that day very clearly: I was in Tunisia captivated by the pristine beauty of the Mediterranean coast of North Africa and in peace. I was very much aware of the importance of that day and strongly felt the transition or I would say the beginning of a new era for mankind: the era of the heart, where the heart takes precedence over the mind. I call it heart-storming, instead of brainstorming.

With X-Stream, I am inviting others to trust their heart and boundless capacity. Through dance and theater, I am exploring the unseen part of our reality, with “X” being the symbol of the unknown, of the things yet to be discovered. “X” is the mystery within and outside us: the place where only the heart has access to, the place of the unlimited potential for You and me.

How am I bringing people to that place of heart awareness and connection with themselves, others and God?: through childhood memories and toys, because this is our purest and most intuitive state and we all need to re-connect with it, re-discover our own beginning.

There is another motive embedded in the show: the extremism of our modern society, how everything is so instantaneous and extreme, and how people are drowned by consumerism. Further, we are living in a world of constant change and we can’t really make big plans for the future and live with fixed expectations.

Thus, X-Stream gives an insight into the unseen & unknown, the connection through the heart and the capacity to be open and accepting of the endless ‘movements’ of Life.

Radi Georgiev: Your dance group is remarkable, you have dancers from so many different nationalities, tell me more about them. 

We are a group of 9 people (8 women and 1 man) from 9 different nationalities: Bulgaria, USA, Spain, France, Italy, Slovakia, Greece, Japan and India: a mirror of the melting pot of New York. We speak, share our childhood memories in those 9 languages, ‘play their music’. Using multi-lingual speech in a show, it’s something new to theater. We also have captivating video images on the background making the experience more complete.

Radi Georgiev: You are always doing and creating something, either in dance or yoga, what is your next step?

X-Stream is a part of a trilogy of eco-shows. The trilogy is about the place of the individual in the eco system. It explores reality and ecology and how they are interconnected and defined by the choices people make. Each show is under the sign of the three elements: earth, water (this is X-Stream) and fire (this would be the next show, which will be treating our identity). IDENDEFY will be about the shift from individual consciousness into a collective collaboration, collective spirit: how to outgrow our individualism and open up space for/accept our Divine Self and merge with all. With this show, I will be also ‘talking’ about nano-technology and the very latest discoveries

X-Stream – the dance and theater show


Thursday-Saturday, June 20-22 at 8 PM (Thursday – Saturday)


Danspace Project @ St. Mark’s Church, 131 East 10th Street (2nd Avenue)

General Admission: $18

Danspace Members: $12
Reservations: 212.529.2318



Overground Physical Theatre Company (

Written, directed & choreographed by Antonia Katrandjieva in collaboration with the company
Video design by Ana Atanassova-Ivanova & Kalin Ivanov
Original Music & Sound Design by: Emilio Garzon, Xana Villan Rueda & Marios Aristopoulos
Photography & Graphic Design by Art Vanguard
Costumes by Hristina Hristova
Conceptual Artwork by Nevena Atanassova & Michail Vaklinov

Performed by: Alexandra Kramerova, Antonia Katrandjieva, Gautan Nima, Danielle Schlauerderaff, Gessicfa Paperini, Hara Zi-Radopoulou, Motoko Tadano, Valentina Priolo, and Xana Villan Rueda

X-STREAM Trailer:

Radi Georgiev


Cell: 646-721-4411