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Prince Harry naked partying photos at Wynn Las Vegas may just be the beginning of ‘something pretty gigantic

Prince Harry naked partying photos at Wynn Las Vegas may just be the beginning of ‘something pretty gigantic’: report 

Prince Harry naked
Whether you think he’s a royal rock star or a royal mess-up, Prince Harry’s recent indiscretions definitely aren’t helping his party boy reputation. With the royal redhead third in line for the throne, the Queen must be cringing at the release of new photos starring her grandson – buck naked. Prince Harry is letting his hair down – and everything else – as he parties in Las Vegas. The gossip website TMZ published photos showing the playboy prince cavorting naked around a pool table with some equally uninhibited women in a game of strip billiards. One photo shows Harry in the buff being embraced from behind by a topless woman …


Prince Harry naked
… but that’s nothing compared to this pic! Sources told TMZ that Harry and friends invited a bevy of beauties up to his VIP suite at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. A round of strip pool erupted, and apparently everyone lost.

The young royal is in hot water after images of him partying with several naked women surfaced online.

By Joyce Chen

Steve Wynn is reportedly conducting a deeper investigation into the party that Prince Harry had at his Vegas hotel.

If Prince Harry thinks the worst of his Las Vegas drama is over, he’s got another think coming, a new report claims.

A source tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal gossip columnist Norm Clarke that the controversy sparked by the young prince’s weekend shenanigans may just be the tip of the iceberg.

“Something pretty gigantic” is at play in the royal media nightmare, the source said, cryptically claiming that Harry’s game of “strip billiards” may actually lead to the unveiling of a bigger, more serious – but unspecified – scenario.

The assertions come in the wake of the Wynn hotel’s denial that billionaire owner Steve Wynn footed the royal’s nearly $80,000 tab, ABC News reports.

“That’s factually incorrect,” Wynn spokesman Michael Weaver told Clarke when asked about the rumors that Prince Harry’s trip was comped by the Vegas mogul.

Weaver also said he and his team were “not going to comment” on reports that Steve Wynn was upset at his security team after the naked photos began circulating the web since earlier last week.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Wynn is no stranger to celebrity outbursts, having had to deal with Paris Hilton’s run-in with the law two years ago.

At the time, the hotel heiress was arrested for cocaine possession while out on the town with her boyfriend, Cy Waits, one of Wynn’s top nightclub executives.

Waits was promptly fired following the incident.

On Monday, Prince Harry and his advisors did a little bit of damage control themselves, shuttering the young royal’s Facebook page under the psuedonym “Spike Wells.”

According to the Telegraph, the profile had several privacy restrictions in place, but ultimately allowed many pictures and posts to be seen publicly.