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MILENA TSOCHKOVA – Portals of Perception, January 17 – February 6, 2015

Portals of Perception
January 17 – February 6, 2015
Reception: Thursday January 22, 2015 6-8 PM

Press Release

The paintings and drawings of Milena Tsochkova combine the tradition of the European masters with a contemporary perspective. Her work is incredibly natural, nearly photorealistic, with a hyper sensitive attention to detail. Yet, standing out even more than her technical mastery is Tsochkova’s unusual framing and her occasional hints at Surrealism. Tsochkova favors the human figure in her work, as she considers it the ideal vehicle to convey themes of cause and effect, brutality, body, death, abandonment, and sexuality. The dissonance between inner and outer human struggles are subtly hinted at in the way Tsochkova binds her figures, playing with what is hidden and what is revealed. Beautifully complex fabrics serve as cages or masks, for her figures, concealing or binding their bodies.
Born in Bulgaria, Tsochkova moved to Germany to continue her studies in art. The differing artistic techniques taught in the two countries – a focus on academic and classical style in Bulgaria, opposed to a freer and more modern approach in Germany – greatly influenced the artist she is today.

Invitation to Milena Tsochkova’s exhibition
Read Milena Tsochkova’s artist statement and view art for sale on

Jumping, 2014
Oil on Canvas
31.5″ x 23.5″

Hunger for Murder, 2014
Pencil on Paper
20″ x 27.5″