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Good Samaritan Returns $10K Found at Las Vegas Airport.

Would you return $10,000 in cash?

Most people arriving on flights to Las Vegas end up losing money, not finding it. However, that wasn’t the case for Mitch Gilbert.

On a recent trip to Sin City, the Colorado native stumbled upon $10,000 in cash inside McCarran International Airport. The enormous sum was stuffed inside two envelopes bearing the Caesar’s Palace logo, according to Gilbert.

Instead of attributing his find to Lady Luck and continuing on his way, the Good Samaritan did all he could to track down the money’s rightful owner. After persistently calling the airport for more than two weeks, Gilbert finally got the name of someone who reported the missing money.

Ignacio Marquez, the lucky-then-unlucky-then-lucky-again 10 grand winner, said he dropped the money when running to catch a flight. After being reunited with his wayward winnings, Marquez expressed his utmost gratitude to Gilbert. “You do not find people like this,” he told a local news outlet.

Source: USA Today