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Bulgarian Film Festival 2013:The Long Path Of The Crocodile & Water Pasture, 2/22/13 @ 9:30PM

Bulgarian Film Festival 2013:The Long Path Of The Crocodile & Water Pasture, 2/22/13 @ 9:30PM

NY-Bulgarian Film Festival will take place in Tribeca Cinemas February 19 – 23Th, 2013. (

The Long Path of the Crocodile

Bulgaria, 2011, 50 min.
Language: Bulgarian
Directed by Pantcho Tsankov
Written by Mario Markov
Produced by Mario Markov
Cinematography by Tsvetan Nedkov

Plot synopsis

The craving for freedom makes Lubo flee Bulgaria. Running away is rather a matter of instinct than choice. Lubo is one of those queer people, citizens of the world whom destiny dooms to settle at places where there are challenges, adventures and risks.
Lubo manages to get beyond the border line during a popular gathering at Kalotina. He crosses the whole territory of former Yugoslavia experiencing some incredible adventures and swims through the Adriatic Sea in just one night in spite of the storm and the dangers from the numerous bloodthirsty sharks. After staying in a camp in Italy, Lubo heads for Australia where he lives for some time being involved in risky crocodile hunting.
Lubo comes across the book “The River of Gold”, which is the turning point in his life. He kisses the first tiny piece of gold that he extracted without being sure it is indeed gold. He hears about vast gold-diggings in Papua New Guinea and there he goes. He works in the jungle and is happy with his life. He has a collection of 2,000 wooden masks. Freedom and gold are Lubo’s destiny, and as long as he lives he will be part of this adventure.

You can buy on-line tickets at:

Tribeca Cinemas
54 Varick Street, New York, NY 10013

For more information, please,

Don’t delay – the seats are limited!

I look forward to seeing you there.

Radi Georgiev
Press Coordinator
Tel: (646)721-4411