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ZLATNE USTE BRASS BAND – 30th birthday party @ Balkan Camp


This year will be the 30th birthday of Zlatne Uste, so come celebrate with us!  Because we were born in 1983 at the first East Coast Balkan Music & Dance Workshop (aka Balkan Camp), camp is 30 years old as well!  We’d like to invite you to celebrate with us this year on Monday evening August 12th at Iroquois Springs 90 miles north of NYC in the Catskills.

Don’t know Balkan Camp?  See below for more info.

Monday at dinner there will be an opportunity for all who wish to make toasts – we will be meeting at the picnic tables if weather permits, otherwise in the dining hall, with slivo and a talking stick.  We invite you to add your voices to ours as we remember together all these amazing years of music, dance, travel, learning, and friends.

Monday night ZU will be playing the first dance set and hosting a party with cake for all – don’t miss it!

We will have a scrap-book out from dinner through the dance set in which we would like to collect any toasts, photos, anecdotes which speak to the band’s history, the role that the band has played in your life, or any other thoughts you’d like to share with us on this momentous occasion!

Those of you who cannot be with us on Monday, our hope is that you will send in your words, photos, drawings via email to  , if you are so moved, so that we can include your thoughts and memories in our scrap-book. Please contribute!  It will mean a lot to us to have something to look back on.

We are so looking forward to celebrating this occasion with our community!

Zlatne Uste


FB event:

About Balkan Camp:

Come for the whole week Aug. 10-17 for days filled with workshops in Balkan dance and music and nights filled with parties and dancing! Dancers, singers and musicians of all levels are welcome.  For more info:

You may also come for only a single evening party ($35), or overnight for bed and breakfast ($115/$130).  For info on attending either one of these options see: BedAndBreakfast.shtml